Fire Victim Mihaita Gets Medical Treatment in Cologne

Medical Treatment in Germany Started Successfully!

We have previously reported about Mihaita from Craiova, Romania. Now finally Benefit & Joy has managed to bring Mihaita to Germany together with his mother and to introduce him to an expert team on 27th of February.

Dr. med. Nikos Marathovouniotis, expert for children with skin burns and senior physician for child surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Cologne, examined Mihaita carefully and determined a detailed treatment schedule. The doctor has been actively supporting us for several months and he treats Mihaita for free. His colleague Marc Roy, orthopaedic technician at the Medical Supply Store MALZKORN in Cologne, also offers his selfless help by manufacturing two compression suits with silicone inserts. These suits are necessary to avoid both massive scar formations and musculoskeletal disorders, which would lead to further surgeries. The material for the compression suits is kindly donated by the company JUZO. The treatment of Mihaita will take several years, which means he will have to come to Germany many times. The next treatment will take place in eight months.

Photo: (from left) Orthopaedic technician Marc Roy (medical supply store Malzkorn), Thomas Muhr (Benefit & Joy), Dr. med. Nikos Marathovouniotis (Children’s Hospital Cologne) with Mihaita.


The Rhein-Hotel St. Martin offered free accomodation for both the family and interpretator Gabriela Charley from Muenster, who selflessly worked for free four days long. The Zoo Cologne granted free entrance to both Mihaita and his mother and also the little boy received some gifts. The Benefit & Joy team arranged a lot more leisure activities, e. g. the visiting of the famous Cologne Cathedral, the chocolate museum, etc. So the little boy could spend some careless hours in Germany, which put a big smile on his face.

Photos 1 and 2: Mihaita visiting the zoo of Cologne. Mother Carmen and interpretator Gabriela (middle).

Photo 3: Mihaita explores Cologne. Photo 4: Visiting the chocolate museum of Cologne. Interpretator Gabriela, mother Carmen and Daniella from Benefit & Joy (from left) with Mihaita.

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