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Update: The Zoo of Varna on the Road to Success!.

Unterschtützung seit 2010

Project Description

supported since 2010

In September 2014 we visited the zoo of Varna, again. We have been supporting the zoo since 2010, e.g. by donating food for the animals and construction material for the enclosures (more information on FB… or go to
Director Ivanka Stojanova has reached many goals during the last two years: there are many new or renovated enclosures, e. g. we saw new and comfortable aviaries for the birds, and tiger Gero (who is handicapped for many years, because he has lost one paw) has moved into a new enclosure, and he now has two tigresses by his side. Tigers and lions are in a very good shape, well nourished and with shiny fur. Mrs. Stojanova gave thanks to Benefit & Joy and especially to Doreen Wagner, who has been supporting Gero with donations for meet. Mrs. Stojanova has reached one more goal: the Metro group of Varna will supply the zoo with meet from now on!
This year, the zoo has even reached an increase of attendencies. The zoo is situated in the wonderful Sea Garden and it is a very important place for Varna, especially for children, because the entrance fee is affordable and so everyone can relax and also learn something about flora and fauna.
In august 2014 the zoo of Varna has received a very important State certificate for both the breeding and care of wild animals (only one more zoo in Bulgaria owns this certificate), which is another important step into the right direction.
Nevertheless, the zoo still needs a lot of support. Due to an explosion of a gas boiler in the kitchen where the food for the animals is prepared, the whole building was destroyed this year. Mrs. Stojanova has managed to do almost the complete renovation, but there is still a lot of construction material needed. There is no budget left for 2014, so Benefit & Joy will buy some material next week and we will report about it soon. We are very happy to see that the zoo is developping so well under the direction of Mrs. Stojanova!


visit on 9 Oktober 2014

Construction Material  the Zoo in Varna

Last Friday our team donated urgently needed construction material to the zoo of Varna. Now the kitchen for the animals can be completed and furthermore, the storks, including a both rare and protected black stork, will soon move into their new enclosure. As reported before, the zoo of Varna holds the license to shelter injured and traumatized wild animals, which is done with a lot of passion and on a high professional level.
We wish the team of Varna zoo a lot of success and promise to continue to support it.

You can find more pictures under: Zoo Varna Gallery

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