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Help and Cooperation with the Zoo in Varna (Bulgaria)..

Project Description

We support the zoo in Varna since 2011. We got to know that the most basic things are lacking. Especially they don’t have enough money to buy substantial food for the animals. That’s why we regularly support the zoo with food donations.

And we want to build up of a long-term cooperation. We will try to help, e.g. by placing new animals, renovation of the enclosures, arranging the sharing of knowledge with German zoos.

In 2012 we went on supporting the zoo and its latest initiative “Mission Varna Zoo”. We met some very smart and enthusiastic young people, who work very hard on helping the zoo. They collect money, organize open days in the zoo and try to find sponsors for urgently needed renovations. Take a look, even if you do not speak Bulgarian, you can see a lot of pictures, testifying the good work: Misson Varna Zoo.

We inspected the zoo together and got to know which kind of works have to be urgently done before winter. Especially the enclosures for the smaller animals had to be repaired, because there was water coming through the broken roof. Benefit & Joy donated some construction materials. The young people carried out the construction works on their own (they received help from specialists): Varna Zoo Construction.

As we follow the rule to show people how to fish, rather than to hand out fish, we are very happy with the latest developments.

Why is helping the zoo important?

The zoo in Varna is located in the middle of the Sea Garden. It is a very important recreation area for the citizens of Varna. The entrance fees are affordable even for the poorest people. A lot of children and school groups use to visit the zoo regularly. They can also learn some basics about fauna in the ecological center of the zoo.

Furthermore, the zoo comes along as a certified rescue center for wild birds who suffer from injuries. They nurse the helpless and injured birds until they are again healthy, and then introduce them back into the wild.

Also they both lovingly and in a very professional way care for any animal that citizens bring to the zoo (abandoned dogs and cats, injured seagulls, etc.).


We need your help

If you want to become a sponsor for an animal of the zoo of Varna or if you are interested in supporting the zoo in general, please donate with the reference „Varna Zoo“. You can also contact us any time:

Thank YOU!

Image Gallery: Help for the zoo of Varna 2011

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