Help For Fire Victim Mihaita

Ten years old Mihaita from Craiova, Romania, became a fire victim in June 2012. Nearly 80 percent of his skin burnt. It is a miracle that he is still alive. He has already received some skin transplantations.


His family has to cover the costs for further treatments. Although both of his parents have a fulltime job, they have a very small income of about 300 euros a month.

Benefit & Joy has visited Mihaita in August 2012 and gave him the urgently needed silicone gel patches for his scar treatment. We want to express our deep thanks to Mister Markus Halfpap from Biodermis for both his support and kind donation.

During the next years Mihaita will need more transplantations and further scar treatment. Benefit & Joy will support his family as much as we can and we will also try to bring the little boy for an examination to a specialist in Germany and hopefully give him the best treatment he can get to recover as much as possible.

Support Mihaita with a donation! Please leave “Mihaita” as reference.

Thank You!