Benefit & Joy supports “MISSON VARNA ZOO”


Last Year we visited the zoo in Varna for the first time (see “Projects”) and donated some meat for the tigers and lions. Now we came back and decided to keep on supporting the zoo and its latest initiative “Mission Varna Zoo”.

As we follow the rule to show people how to fish, rather than to hand out fish, we are very happy with the latest developments. The Varna zoo has a new team with a very motivated director named Ivanka Stojanova, a new biologist and a very young veterinarian. At the moment they are working on a new concept for the zoo’s future.

Also we met some very smart and enthusiastic young people, who work very hard on helping the zoo. They collect money, organize open days in the zoo and try to find sponsors for urgently needed renovations. Take a look, even if you do not speak Bulgarian, you can see a lot of pictures, testifying the good work:

Today we inspected the zoo together and got to know which kind of works have to be urgently done before winter. Especially the enclosures for the smaller animals have to be repaired, because there is water coming through the broken roof. Benefit & Joy will donate some construction materials. The official donation ceremony will take place this Thursday. The young people will carry out the construction works on their own (they will receive help from specialists).

The zoo staff takes care of any animal that is brought to them, no matter if it is a bird, a cat or whatwever. Also they actually have a lack of staff, no animal is left behind. They seem to bring in a lot of their sparetime, too. We thing these people really deserve to be supported!

If you want to become a sponsor for an animal of the zoo of Varna or if you are interested in supporting the zoo in general, please donate with the reference „Varna Zoo“. You can also contact us any time: