Zoo Varna: Benefit & Joy Donates Construction Material

Official Hand-Over of Donated Construction Material for the Varna Zoo

Yesterday members of Benefit & Joy and some young people of “Mission Varna Zoo” bought construction material for urgently needed renovations of the enclosures. The biggest item of expenditure was carried out by Benefit & Joy for 9 rolls of bituminous felt to renovate the roof.

Picture 1 shows zoo director Ivanka Stojanova (left) with Thomas and Daniella from Benefit & Joy.

Why It Is Important To Help the Zoo

The zoo is in a very bad condition, especially concerning the enclosures, which are inappropriate for the species.

The zoo is one of the last public institutions in Varna, which means that every Bulgarian (medium income is about 200 euros a month) can afford to visit it. The admission fee for adults is 0,75 euros, for children even lower.

The zoo is situated in the middle of the recreation area “See Garden” and because it is near to the city center.

Any Amount Will Help!

Benefit & Joy will pass over all the donations made with the reference for the zoo of Varna. The money will be spent for the urgently needed renovations of the enclousures. You can also become a sponsor for an animal.

Sponsorship For An Animal

Although the zoo receives money for feeding the animals from the local authorities, it is too expensive to buy proper food for the predators, which means that lions, tigers and wolfes get meat substitutes.

Today we received a list containing the costs for every animal per month, including medical care, food, enclosures, etc. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for an animal, please contact us via email: daniella@benefit-joy.de

It is not necessary to cover the whole costs for an animal, even the smallest amount will help.