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Help for the Bulgarian Fire Brigades.


Project Description

Recently we visited the fire department in Varna, Bulgaria. We spoke to the chief of the fire department, Mr. Tichomir Totev.

Everyone was very friendly and they welcomed us with open arms! In order to give you some impressions of the present technical equipment, we have attached some pictures here. The group picture shows members of Benefit & Joy with fireworkers and Mr. Totev (2nd from left).

Mr. Totev made a precise description of missing equipment. Benefit & Joy wants to help! Anyone who can help us to provide some of the items listed below, please contact us per email:

What’s needed:

1. Clothing / Savety Clothing, e.g. gloves, overalls, helmets – anything that a fireworker needs.

2. Vehicles

They have a range of vehicles, the oldest one is 40 years old, and the average vehicle is about 25 years old.

They have no special preferences, they just need any vehicle that is available. Especially for the rural areas they need vehicles with bigger water tanks.

3. Breathing Masks / Apparatus

Normal ones, or such with an oxygen apparatus, Rebreather

Image Gallery: Fire Brigade Varna 2011

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