The Power of We can change the world – Charity Rocks!

Following to our visit in Romania last year, a committee was formed and started work. This committee held a meeting as part of a Symposium under the title “Volunteering.Wish.Action” in Craiova/Romania in early April. Benefit & Joy got the chance there to present all previous projects. These previous projects as well as those being planned were represented by Mia Iordache. Additionally, Iuliana Moraru reported on the successful implementation of the new Internet room in Padea, and Eugen Chita (father of our young protégé Mihaita) gave his consistently positive feedback on the collaboration with Benefit & Joy.

We’d like to thank all those mentioned above for their support and also the committee for enabling the participation in the Symposium.

Here’s a short video of the Symposium in Craiova.